I purchased 4 dishes, Panaeng Curry, Cashew Wok, Thai Holy Basil with String Beans, and Tom Yam Soup for a dinner party. I served Thai Holy Basil with a large chopped up sautéed filet mignon, Cashew Wok and Panaeng Curry Sauce with a large chopped up chicken breast and added jumbo shrimp to the Tom Yam soup. I chopped up and sautéed the beef and chicken earlier since I was bringing this to someones home. I steamed 1 pound of Thai jasmine rice and used garlic chicken broth instead of water. Gives it a great flavor.

My entire guest raved about all 4 dishes. Four of my guests travel all over the world on a regular basis and all are foodies who love great food. They thought the sauces were perfect with so many flavors that really stood out. As suggested by the website, I added no herbs or seasonings so the Thai sauces spoke for themselves. Everyone thought I was a expert Thai cook! Honestly this was my first time cooking a Thai meal. I used (6) meals for (7) folks, and there was still some left over. I think it was because I added so much protein and complimented it with healthy vegetables. To keep the cost down I don’t think everyone needs to use jumbo shrimp or beef tenderloin, just healthy range fed chicken or beef.

I purchased the Thai Variety Set of 10 and prepared a Thai meal for my guest on Sunday. Everyone enjoyed completely enjoyed the Thai dishes, including me. I am not a Thai chef or have expertise in cooking Thai food but my guest saw me preparing it in my kitchen when everyone came in. I prepared it with fresh beef (not frozen) thinly sliced. I cooked the meat first for about 2 minutes then pour the sauce over. I brought 3 packages of the Cashew Wok Sauce. It came out fantastic! They thought I cooked it from scratch. The only problem is there wasn’t enough as they all thoroughly enjoyed my dishes! So easy to be a professional Thai Chef with these sauces.